The 53B series mainframe has 10 Function slots plus Chaining, Communications, and Control slots. The Chaining slot allows up to 10 mainframes (100 Function cards) to be controlled by a single controller.

The 53B series mainframe represents a significant improvement over its predecessors. Not only does it offer a greater power budget with improved cooling characteristics (less than a 4°C rise over ambient for a fully loaded mainframe), it is significantly lighter and more durable than previous models.

Available configurations include control by either an external computer of the user’s choice or an internal, single board computer (53B-ATZ). Available interfaces include IEEE-488 (53B-IBX), RS-232C {53B-RSX), high speed parallel.{53B-PIX), and chained {53B-CCX). The 53B series mainframe also can be ordered separately. with {53B-000) or without {53B-003) a power supply.