• 10 Function Slots:
• Includes Rack Slides
• Suitable for OEM applications
• Typically used for sparing

53B-000 – Ten-Slot Non-Configured Mainframe
OPT 01 – Delete Rack Slides, Add Trim Strip
OPT 05 – Card Clamp

The 53B-000 non-configured mainframe includes the power supply, but does NOT include Communications, Control, Chaining or Function cards or cables. It is primarily ordered for sparing or replacements. The 538-003 mainframe (no power supply) also may be ordered separately.

Plug-in Card Positions:
13 total positions:
3 dedicated to Communications, Control, and Chaining;
10 Function card positions.

Bench-top or mount in a standard 19-inch NEMA equipment rack.

Cooling. Internal:
Forced air cooling using two 105 CFM AC fans. Typical inlet to exhaust temperature rise is less than 4°C for a fully populated mainframe.

Cooling. External:
When rack mounted, the rack must accommodate a maximum heat load of 350 Watts.

Cooling, Inlet:
The air inlet is through the two fans mounted on the rear panel.
Caution: The mainframe should not be placed so that a vertical or blocking surface is within 3 inches of the rear panel.

Temperature. Ambient:
10°C to +55°C operating.
55°C to +85°C storage

Dimensions: 419.1 mm x 26.7 mm x 469.9 mm (16.75 in. x 10.5 in. x 18.5 in.)
*NOT including rack ears.

36 lbs.

Weight, Shipping:
44 lbs.

Output Power Budget (per function slot):
2.0A at 5V dc.
0.30A at +15V dc.
0.30A at -15V dc.

Voltage Requirements:
90-132 or 180-264V ac. switch-selectable. 47 Hz to 440Hz.

Power Requirements:
320 VA worst case, fully loaded.

In-rush (cold start):
30A at 230V for 1/2 cycle.
15A at 115V for 1/2 cycle.

Overload Protection:
Thermal shutdown.

Power Supply Type:
Multiple output switching power supply, 75% typical efficiency.

Power Out:
175W max continuous DC power out.
225W peak DC power out.

Regulation, Line:
+0.25% all outputs over the full AC input range.

Regulation. Load:
+0.25% for 5V dc output, +1% for 15V dc outputs. Minimum load for regulation is 7%. (Minimum load requirements are met when the 53A-171 Card and a communications card are installed.)

1% peak to peak. all outputs to 10 MHZ.

Overvoltage Protection:
5V dc output crowbars at 6.25V +5%, +15V dc supplies have preregulated inputs.

The mainframe has three power fuses. Two are located on the rear panel and a 20A type 3AG, is located in the power supply.

Mounting Position:
Any orientation.

Hardware Provided
538-003 Mainframe:
41550-54001 Internal Power Supply.

Available Options:
OPT 01, delete rack slides, add trim strip.
OPT 05, card clamp.