64B-CCX  Six-Slot Chained Mainframe

64B-CCX – Six-Slot Chained Mainframe
OPT 10 – Delete 53A-145 Card
OPT 12 – Delete 53A-145 Card and 53A-743 Cable
OPT 15 – Delete 53A-743 Cable
OPT 46 – Metal Front Panel

• Extends system’s capability to up to 100 function cards
• Compatible with 53B-ATZIBX, RSX, PIX
• No degradation in system performance from cage to cage
• Each mainframe may be remoted by up to 300 meters from its host

This system allows additional Mainframes (2 through 10) to be added to any CDSbus™ System configuration.  The CCX system comes complete with chaining card and cable.

Note: The 648 series mainframe  does not have a slot for a chaining card.  A  CCX system cannot be added after a 64B series mainframe.

648-014 Mainframe.
41550-63000 Internal Power Supply.
53A-123 Communications Card.
53A-145 Chaining Card {to be placed in preceding CDSbus mainframe)
53A-171 Control Card.
53A-743 Data Cable.

Available Options:
OPT 10, delete 53A-145 card.
OPT 12, delete 53A-145 card and 53A-743 cable.
OPT 15, delete 53A-743 cable.
OPT 46, aluminum front panel

Note: Rack Ears and Mainframe Slides are optional for 63B-CCX or 64B-CCX. Order 63B-017.

Note: When chaining to an ATZ, order Option 10 to delete the chaining card, since this capability is included in the ATZ.