63B-CCX – Five-Slot Chained Ma1nframe
OPT 10 – Delete 53A-145 Card
OPT 12 – Delete 53A-145 Card and 53A-743 Cable
OPT 15 – Delele 53A-743 Cable
OPT 46 – Metal Front Panel

• Extends system’s capability to up to 100 function cards
• Compatible with 53B-ATZ, IBX, RSX, PIX
• No degradation in system performance from cage to cage
• Each mainframe may be remoted by up to 300 meters from its host

This system allows additional Mainframes (2 through 10) to be added to any CDSbus System configuration. The CCX system comes complete with chaining card and cable.

Note: The 648 series mainframe does not have a slot for a chaining card. A CCX system cannot be added after a 648 series mainframe.

63B-013 Mainframe.
41550-63000 Internal Power Supply.
53A-123 Communications Card.
53A-145 Chaining card (to be placed in preceding CDSbus mainframe).
53A-171 Control Card.
53A-743 Data Cable.

Available Options:
OPT 10. delete 53A-145 card.
OPT 12. delete 53A-145 card and 53A-743 cable.
OPT 15. delete 53A-743 cable.
OPT 46. aluminum front panel.

Note: Rack Ears and Mainframe Slides are optional for 63B-CCX or 64B-CCX Order 63B-017.

Note: When chaining to an ATZ, order Option 10 to delete the chaining card, since this capability is included in the ATZ.