53A-311 – FET Scanner Slave Card
OPT 01 – User Protype Area
OPT 1V – Add VXI Compatibility
53A-690 – Analog cable
OPT 01 – One Slave
OPT 02 – Two Slaves
OPT 03 – Three Slaves
OPT 04 – Four Slaves
OPT 05 – Five Slaves
OPT 06 – Six Slaves
OPT 07 – Seven Slaves
53A-782 – Hooded Connector

• 32 differential analog channels
• Up to seven 53A-311 cards can be chained to one 53A-310 card for a total of 256 channels
• Optional prototype area for user-designed input conditioning circuitry

The 53A-311 FET Scanner Slave Card is designed to be used with the 53A-310 FET Scanner Card to form a single scanner system with the capability to multiplex up to 256 differential analog input channels. Each FET Slave Card provides an additional 32 differential input channels to the 310/311 scanner system without any degradation or loss in system performance specifications.

Up to seven 53A-311’s may be controlled by a single 53A-310. The base address for each Slave Card is set by three rocker switches. Once the base address has been set, the 53A-311 requires no direct programming. All of its commands are received directly from the 53A-310  using a dedicated 8-bit data bus. Addresses o n the data bus are decoded, along with the base address select switches. to determine which of the Slave card’s 32 differential analog input channels to connect to the 53A-310 Card common analog output.

Number of Channels:
32 differential channels.

Signal Input Range:
±14V from either differential input to system common, including common mode voltage.

Analog Bandwidth:
800 KHz (low impedance source high impedance load).

Scan Rate:
500 KHz maximum, controlled by 53A-310 Card.

Settling Time:
1.5 µsec to 12-bit accuracy.

Channel Resistance:
500 Ohms max each differential input lead.

Channel Capacitance:
20 pF off, line to line.
200 pF on, line to line.

Off Isolation:
58 dB at 800 KHz (50 Ohm source, 10 KOhm load).

Analog Input Current
20 mA maximum.

Analog Input Protection:
Maximum Input Voltage (peak ac + dc). ±16.25 volts either differential input to system common.

Digital Input
TTL levels, 8-bit parallel data bus from 53A-310 for channel address.

Required Cable:
See 53A-310 required cable information.

Available Options:
OPT 01, user prototype area on daughter board. Approximately 9 sq. in. available for user-designed input signal conditioning circuitry.
Power Available + 5V dc (1.3A,) ±15V dc (150 mA each).
OPT 1V. add VXI compatibility.