53A-690 ANALOG CABLE (FOR 53A-310, 311), (3 x 5 METERS)

The Analog Cable connects to the 53A-310 FET Scanner Card and provides a twisted pair for each input channel and the analog common output and data valid strobe signal. The cable is terminated on one end by a 53A-782 connector and has 5 meters of 46000-00050 cable for the channel inputs and two 5 meter lengths of unterminated 46000-00026 cable for the common analog output and data valid strobe. When used with the 53A-311 FET Scanner Slave Card, Option XX should be ordered where XX is the number of 53A-311‘s being used (OPT 01 through 07). This option adds additional 53A-782 connectors and daisy chains the common and control lines to the Slave Cards. Additional cable lengths (starting at 8 meters in overall length) may be purchased.

NOTE: Extra length cables may be ordered beyond the standard length for a flat charge plus the cost of the cable as indicated in the accessories price list. The 53A-729 and 730 come in additional 1 foot increments. All other cables may be ordered in additional 5 meter increments {where indicated). Lengths may be specified on the order by indicating Option XX, where XX is the desired total length in feet or meters.