648-000 – Six-Slot Non-Configured Mainframe

• Five Function Slots (63B Series), Six Function Slots (64B Series)
• Portable, low Profile
• Optional Rack Slides
• Suitable for OEM applications
• Typically used for sparing

The 63B-000 and 64B-000 non-configured mainframes include the power supply, but does not include Communications, Control, Chaining or Function cards or cables. It is primarily ordered for sparing or replacements. The 648-014 mainframe (no power supply) also may be ordered separately.

Plug-in Card Positions: 8 positions total.
In the 63B-013, three positions are used for Communication, Control, and Chaining with five
positions available for Function cards.
In the 64B-014, two positions are used for Communication and Control, and six slots are available for Function cards. There is no Chaining slot.

Built-in forced air cooling.
Typical temperature rise, 7°C or less, intake to exhaust.
Temperature, Ambient
– 10°C to +55°C operating,
– 40°C to +85°C storage.

17.00″ wide, 5.21 9″ high, 21 .00″ deep. (431.8mm 132.6 mm 533.4 mm).
Mounts in standard 19″ NEMA equipment rack with optional rack slides.

Dimensions, Shipping:
2 1.25″ wide. 9.75″ high, 29.375″ deep.
24 lbs.

Weight Shipping:
39 lbs.

Output Power Budget per function slot) :
2.5A at 5V DC.
250 mA at +15V DC.
250 mA at -15V DC.

Power Supplies:
Internal by +5V and ±15V power supplies.

External Power:
The 648 mainframes may be driven from external power, if desired. Contact factory for details.

90 to 132V ac. 180 to 264V ac (switch-selectable), 47 to 440 Hz, 250 VA maximum.
In-rush (cold start):
30A at 230V for 1/2 cycle.
15A at 115V for 1/2 cycle.

Power Out
175W max continuous DC power out.
225W peak DC power out.

Hardware Provided:
64B-014 Mainframe
41550-63000 Internal power Supply