53A-727 ANALOG CABLE (FOR 53A-353), (5 METERS)

The Analog Cable connects to 53A-356 Relay Switching Card and provides 24 pairs of single conductors – one pair for each 24 relay contacts. The Analog Cable consists of five meters of 46000-00027 cable with a 53A-780 Hooded Connector on one end only. The cable is rated to carry an average capacity of 1.1 Amperes per conductor pair or 26.4 Amperes per cable assembly. Additional cable length may be purchased.

NOTE: Extra length cables may be ordered beyond the standard length for a flat charge plus the cost of the cable as indicated in the accessories price list. The 53A-729 and 730 come in additional 1 foot increments. All other cables may be ordered in additional 5 meter increments (where indicated). Lengths may be specified on the order by indicating Option XX, where XX is the desired total length in feet or meters.