Switching and Scanning

Switching and Scanning Products

53A-307 Relay Driver Card
• Controls up to 40 independent external relays

53A-310 FET Scanner Card
• 32 differential analog channels

53A-311 FET Scanner Slave Card
• Must be chained with one 53A-310. Up to seven 53A-311 cards can be chained to one 53A-310 card for a total of 256 channels.

53A-322 Digital/RF Switch Card
• Frequency Range – DC to 250 MHz

53A-323 Digital/RF Switch Card
• Frequency Range – DC to 650 MHz

53A-324 Microwave Scanner Card
• 1 x 10 scanner

53A-331 Reed Relay Scanner Card
• 10 separately controllable 4-wire channels

53A-332 Reed Relay Scanner Card
• 20 separately controllable 2-wire channels

53A-333 Reed Relay Scanner Card
• 15 separately controllable 3-wire channels

53A-334 Reed Relay Scanner Card
• 32 separately controllable 1-wire channels

53A-336 High Voltage Scanner Card
• 16 separately controllable 2-wire channels

53A-339 Thermocouple Scanner Card
• 24 channel thermocouple scanner

53A-353 Relay Switching Card
• 24 independently controllable SPST switches

53A-355 Relay Switching Card
• Provides 10 independently controlled double-pole, double-throw relays

53A-365 Matrix Relay Card
• May be used for both 2-wire and 4-wire applications