Cables and Connectors

Card to Cable/Connector Cross Reference
CDS Model Number Suggested Cable or Connector Optional Cable or Connector
53A-220 53A-748 53A-780
53A-225 NONE
53A-226 NONE
53A-242 53A-729 53A-730
53A-243 53A-729 53A-730
53A-253B 53A-780
53A-258 53A-749 53A-780
53A-258 or 53A-286 53A-780
53A-260 53A-780
53A-262 53A-780
53A-270 53A-734 53A-780
53A-286 53A-780
53A-307 53A-742 53A-780
53A-310 or 53A-311 53A-690 53A-782
53A-322 53A-729 53A-730
53A-323 53A-729 53A-730
53A-324 NONE
53A-331 53A-721 53A-780
53A-332 53A-725 53A-780
53A-333 53A-720 53A-780
53A-334 53A-720 53A-780
53A-336 53A-736 53A-780
53A-339 NONE
53A-342 53A-780
53A-353 53A-727 53A-780
53A-355 53A-722 53A-780
53A-356 53A-724 53A-780
53A-365 53A-719P 53A-783P
53A-784P 53A-770,771,772
53A-410 53A-742 53A-780
53A-412 53A-782
53A-415 53A-742 53A-780
53A-416 53A-742 53A-780
53A-420 53A-745 53A-780
53A-421 or 53A-423 53A-744 53A-780
53A-424 53A-780
53A-425 53A-746 53a-780
53A-426 53A-746 53A-780
53A-427 53A-780
53A-431B 53A-754 53A-780
53A-450 53A-780
53A-453 53A-653 53A-780
53A-454 53A-780
53A-457 53A-782
53A-469 53A-780
53A-509 53A-735 53A-780
53A-516 53A-733 53A-780
53A-518 53A-780
53A-519B 53A-726 53A-780
53A-522 53A-780
53A-530 53A-780
53A-531 53A-780
53A-540B 53A-731 53A-780
53A-541 53A-729 53A-730
53A-570 53A-739 53A-780
53B-CCX 53A-743 53A-715,53A-780
53B-IBX 53A-716 53A-712, 713, 717
53B-PIX 53A-742 53A-780
53B-RSX 53A-738 53A-780
63B-CCX 53A-743 53A-715
63B-IBX 53A-716 53A-712,713,717
63B-PIX 53A-742 53A-780
63B-RSX 53A-738 53A-780
64B-CCX 53A-743 53A-715
64B-IBX 53A-716 53A-712, 713, 717
64B-PIX 53A-742 53A-780
64B-RSX 53A-738 53A-780


——– ——–
Cable Cards Used With
53A-653 53A-453
53A-690 53A-310, 53A-311
53A-712 53B-IBX, 63B-IBX 64B-IBX
53A-713 53B-IBX, 63B-IBX, 64B-IBX
53A-714 Any CDSbus Mainframe
53A-715 Any CDSbus Mainframe
53A-716 53B-IBX, 63B-IBX, 64B-IBX
53A-717 53B-IBX, 63B-IBX, 64B-IBX
53A-719P 53A-365
53A-720 53A-333, 53A-334
53A-721 53A-331
53A-722 53A-355
53A-724 53A-356
53A-725 53A-332
53A-726 53A-519B
53A-727 53A-353
53A-729 53A-242, 53A-243, 53A-322, 53A-323, 53A-541
53A-730 53A-242, 53A-243, 53A-322, 53A-323, 53A-541
53A-731 53A-540B
53A-733 53A-516
53A-734 53A-270
53A-735 53A-509
53A-736 53A-336
53A-738 53B-RSX, 63B-RSX, 64B-RSX
53A-739 53A-570
53A-742 53A-307, 53A-410, 53A-415, 53A-416
53B-PIX, 63B-PIX, 64B-PIX
53A-743 53B-CCX, 63B-CCX, 64B-CCX
53A-744 53A-421 or 53A-423
53A-745 53A-420
53A-746 53A-425, 53A-426
53A-748 53A-220
53A-749 53A-258
53A-754 53A-431B
53A-770 53A-365
53A-771 53A-365
53A-772 53A-365
53A-780 General Purpose
53A-782 53A-310, 53A-311, 53A-412, 53A-457
53A-783P 53A-365
53A-784P 53A-365