53A-332 Reed Relay Scanner Card

53A-332 – Reed Relay Scanner Card
OPT 10 – 500V Relay Rating
53A-725 – Analog Cable, or
53A-780 – Hooded Connector

• 20 separately controllable 2-wire channels
• Random channel selection at rates in excess of 150 channels per second
• Two-digit readback of closed channel
• Error indication in event of multiple closures

The 53A-332 Reed Relay Scanner Card provides 20 two-wire channels of analog signal distribution at a maximum switching rate of more than 150 channels per second. Any channel may be closed at random by sending ASCII characters from the system controller.

A single CDSbus™ chassis can accommodate up to ten cards (200 channels) and a complete 53A System can handle up to 100 cards (2,000 channels).  Each Reed Relay Scanner Card can be operated independently or logically connected with any other Reed Relay Scanner Card in the system.

The Card includes a readback feature that provides a two-digit indication for the closed channel.  The readback feature uses a third pole on each relay to insure complete accuracy. In the event of multiple closures, an error code is generated.

The output of each Scanner Card is routed to the front edge connector and to the analog backplane of the chassis. The backplane analog bus allows the Scanner Card to route signals to other devices {such as the 53A-522 DMM) without additional external interconnect wiring.

Twenty LEDs provide Built-In-Test Equipment (“BITE”) for the Scanner Card. A lit LED indicates that the associated channel is closed.

20 each dry reed relays, 3-pole, form A with readback, Common output bus, 2 lines.

Relay Manufacturer:
Coto Model, 3400-0092 (or equivalent).

Ten Watts maximum resistive (200V dc or 0.5 Ampere maximum switching).
Maximum Carry Current, 2.0 amps.
Initial Contact Resistance, less than 100 milliohms.
Contact Resistance at End of Reed Life, less than 1 Ohm.

Reed Life:
At least 10^7 operations per channel at rated load of 10 Watts


Scanning Rate:
Random channel selection at greater than 150 channels per second maximum.

Signal Path (including the effects of the card cage backplane. Valid at the backplane analog bus connector): Differential Thermal Offset less than 10 microvolts.
Single-line Thermal Offset less than 40 microvolts.
Initial Signal Path Resistance, less than 600 milliohms.
Signal Path Resistance at End of Reed Life, less than 1.4 Ohms.
Insulation Resistance, greater than 10 gigohms between all channels.


Programmed By:
ASCII Characters.

Recommended Cables:

Available Option:
OPT 10, 500V relay rating.