53A-324  Microwave Scanner Card

53A-324 – Microwave Scanner Card
OPT 05 – 5 Meter Remote Mounting Cable
OPT 10 – 10 Mew Remote Mounting Cable
OPT 15 – 15 Meter Remote Mounting Cable
OPT 1V – Add VXIbus Compatibility

• 1 x 10 scanner
• DC to 18 GHz
• low insertion loss
• low VSWR
• High isolation
• Remote mounting capability

The 53A-324 Microwave Scanner Card provides ten channels of microwave signal switching using a single-pole, ten-throw coaxial switch which features low insertion loss, low VSWR, and high isolation from DC to 18 GHz. The Card uses a hardware controlled break-before-make switching sequence to prevent two channels from being selected simultaneously. Unselected channels are automatically terminated in 50 Ohms.

The 53A-324 provides the user with optimum flexibility in system design, by allowing the switch assembly to be removed from the printed circuit board and remotely mounted in the user’s system. Control is provided by an extension cable between the 53A-324 and the remote switch assembly

The 53A-324 features both visual and logical Built-In-Test Equipment (“BITE”). Visual BITE is provided by ten LEDs, one for each switch position. A LED will be lit when its corresponding switch is closed. Logical BITE is provided by a readback feature that allows the user to interrogate the Card to determine which, if any, switch is closed

Single-pole, ten-throw coaxial switch.


Operational Characteristics:
Switching Time, 240 msec.
Operating Mode, break-before-make.
Connector Type, 11 SMA Jacks.
Mounting, requires two 53/63 Series Card Cage slots. One slot required if switch assembly is remotely mounted.


Available Options:
OPT 05, 5 meter remote mounting cable.
OPT 10, 10 meter remote mounting cable.
OPT 15, 15 meter remote mounting cable.
OPT 1V, add VXI compatibility.

Note: Requires two slots if relay is mounted on board.