53A-342 – Dual Decade Resistance Programming Card
OPT 10 – Fixed Resistors, 10 Ohm Step Size
OPT 11 – Fixed Resistors, 1 Ohm Step Size
OPT 1C – Fixed Resistors, 100 Ohm Step Size
53A-780 – Hooded Connector

• Two independently programmable resistors
• Resolution of 1,000 steps
• Step size adjustable from 10 to 100 Ohms
• User-definable values may be substituted for standard values

The Dual Decade Resistance Programming Card provides two independently programmable resistors. Each resistor has a resolution of three decimal digits (1,000 steps). The steps are controlled by relays switching in and out resistors in a resistor ladder. This provides excellent electrical isolation, and is useful for applications such as resistively programming power supplies, programming a known resistance into a circuit under test or automatically tuning a circuit. The resistors in the resistor ladder are variable, thus allowing the user to set a specific full scale resistance value. The full scale range is 10 KOhms to 100 KOhms. The user may tap into the resistor ladder at twelve different points.

Type Resistors:
Two sets of three decade programmable resistors, each set consisting of 12 variable cermet resistors. Individual resistors are 3/4 Watt twenty turn.*

Minimum Resistance Step:
Adjustable from 10 Ohms to 100 Ohms.

*Standard values. The user may substitute fixed or variable resistors of different values to better satisfy a particular application. Contact your local sales office for details.

Maximum Resistance:
Adjustable from 9,990 Ohms to 99,990 Ohms.

Programming Speed:
100 steps/sec, zero to full scale steps.

Three significant digits.

Absolute Accuracy:
1.0% of full scale.

Temperature Coefficient:

Programmed By:
ASCII Characters.

Recommended Cable:

Available Options:
OPT 10, fixed resistors, 10 Ohm step size.
OPT 11, fixed resistors, 1 Ohm step size.
OPT 1C, fixed resistors, 100 Ohm step size.
Many custom resistance options are available, please contact the factory for more information.