53A-258 – Digital D/A Card
53A-749 – Analog Cable, or
53A-780 – Hooded Connector

• Eight independent single-ended digital-to-analog converters
• – 9.995 to +9.995 output level
• 5 mV resolution
• Up to 100 mA current per channel

The 53A-258 Octal D/A Card consists of eight independent, and independently programmable, single-ended digital-to-analog (D/A) converters with plus and minus three decimal digit resolution. Each of the eight outputs can be programmed from -9.995V to +9.995V in 5 millivolt steps.

Each D/A converter channel has a power amplifier on its output capable of supplying up to 100 milliamps of current. The outputs are current limited to 25 mA for short circuit protection. The current limiting resistor can be bypassed to provide the full 100 mA output. If the current limiting resistor is bypassed the output is no longer short circuit protected.

Built-In-Test Equipment (‘BITE”) consists of eight LEDs, one for each of the D/A channels. A lit LED indicates the corresponding channel was the last channel to be programmed.

Type: Eight each single-ended, bipolar D/A converters with output current amplifiers.

Output Range:
-9.995 to +9.995 volts

Minimum Output Step Size:
5 millivolts.

Maximum Output Impedance (DC) :
6 Ohms {internal to amplifier) plus 100 Ohms (current limiting resistor).

Short Circuit Duration:

Output Current@ 10V. per channel:
25 mA. short circuit protected.
100 mA without current limiting.

Throughput is the maximum number of conversions per second which can be accomplished by the D/A converter on a continuous basis. The Octal D/A Card is capable of a conversion rate in excess of 30,000 conversions per second. In a typical system, throughput will be limited by the system controller and the 53A System Communications Card.

Settling Time:
1.5 µsec max {to within 0.01% of final value).

Slew Rate:

Gain Error, adjustable to zero with trim potentiometer.
Offset Error; adjustable to zero with trim potentiometer.
Monotonicity. guaranteed {0°C to 70°C).

Linearity Error@ 25°C:
Less than +5 millivolts.


Temperature Coefficient
±30 ppm/°C {0°C to 50°C).

Programmed By:
ASCII Characters.

Required Cables:
53A-749 Analog Cable. or
53A-780 Hooded Connector.

Note: A 53A-723 Analog Cable may also be used with this card, but provides connections for channels A through F only.