C2253 – Bus Analyzer
OPT 01 – Add Gaussian Noise Card
OPT 11 – Delete PC IEEE-488 Card
63B-017 – Rack Mount Kit

• Designed to test Remote Terminals, Bus Controllers, and other devices defined by MIL-STD-1553
• Uses an IBM compatible PC as the primary user interface and test equipment controller
• 1553 oriented menu prompts quickly set up test scenarios for testing and exercising 1553 RTs or BCs
• Compact 63B series enclosure

The Model C2253 Bus Analyzer is a powerful bench top unit designed to test Remote Terminals (RTs), Bus Controllers (BCs), and other terminal devices defined by MIL-STD-1553. An IBM or compatible PC serves as the primary user interface and test equipment controller. Using 1553 oriented menu driven prompts, the C2253 allows the user to quickly set up test scenarios for testing and exercising 1553 RTs or BCs. User test scenarios can be saved for future use or for later inclusion in complete production test programs.

The instrument level commands issued by the C2253 software to control each C2253 test scenario are saved in separate ASCII text files for later integration into more complex automatic testing procedures using any programming language of the user’s choice. Data responses from the UUT are stored internally in the C2253 and easily transferred to the PC (using menu selections) for display, further analysis, or archiving.

Gaussian noise test capability can be added to the Model C2253 as Option 01 to perform the complete noise rejection test specified in MIL-STD-1553.

The C2253 Bus Analyzer is contained in a single, portable, suitcase type package that is only 5 1/4 inches tall and weighs just 33 pounds. The unit may also be optionally rack mounted. Interfacing to the PC is by means of an IEEE-488 bus.

Two Bus Controllers (either independent channels or dual redundant).
Two Remote Terminals.
One Bus Controller and one RT (independent channels or RT to RT).
Two Bus Monitors (total of 30,000 1553 words of storage each).
One Bus Monitor and one RT.
One Bus Monitor and one Bus Controller.

Equipment Included:
One 63B-IBX Instrument System.
One 53A-185 Bus Analyzer
Software for IBM PC or Compatible.
Two 53A-453 MIL-STD-1553
Simulator/Tester Card.
One 53A-356 DPDT Switch Card.
One Cable Assembly.

Induced Error Capability:
Programmable on a Word Basis:
Parity, Manchester; Sync, Dropped Bit. Incorrect Bit Count Incorrect Transition, lntermessage Gap.
Programmable on a Message Basis:
Word Count. Response Time, Incorrect Status Word.

Errors Detection Capability:
Individual Word Basis:
Parity, Manchester; Bit Transition Time, Dropped Bit Sync, Response Time.
Individual Message Basis:
lnterword Data Gap, Word Count Incorrect RT, Address, No RT Response.

Threshold, programmable from 0.5 to 9.0V PTP
Maximum Input. 40V PTP

Output (coupling programmable):
Direct Coupled, 0.20 to 8.20V PTP into 35 Ohms.
Transformer Coupled, 0.60 to 24.2V PTP into 70 Ohms.

Message Format
Programmable Command. Status. & Data Words.

Message & Data Buffer Capacity:
30,000 20-bit transmit/receive words for each 1553 bus, allocated under program control.

Message Rate (Bus Controller):
Programmable message spacing.
4 µsec – 32.767 msec. 1 µsec steps.

Programmable Response Time (RT):
4 – 127 µsec, 1 µsec steps.

Response Time Checking (Bus Controller):
Programmable from 4 – 18 µsec, 1 µsec steps.

Test Scenario Definitions:
User-definable via menu driven software interface.

UUT Responses:
Stored in C2253 and returned to PC for further analysis.

1553 Cabling Interface:
AMP Twin Standard.

Interface to PC (IBM or Compatible):
IEEE-488 Bus (PC IEEE-488 Interface card. cable. and PC resident interface drivers are included).

Available Options:
OPT 01. add 53A-253 Gaussian Noise Tester.
OPT 11. delete PC JEEE-488 card.