53A-415 – Tri-State Discrere Output card
OPT 10 – Open Collector Outputs
53A-742 – Data cable. or
53A-780 – Hooded Connector

• Allows control of up to 40 independent discrete TTL output lines
• Each output line may be independently programmed high or low
• Parallel load feature allows all forty lines to be set simultaneously
• Output lines may be switched between active and tri-state under program control

The 53A-415 allows the user to control up to forty independent discrete TTL output lines. Each output line may be set independently, high or low. through the system controller using ASCII characters. In addition, all forty lines may be set simultaneously to any random pattern using a parallel load feature. The output lines can be switched between active and tri-state modes either under program control or by using external hardware inputs. In the tri-state mode, the TTL output lines assume a high impedance state and neither sink nor source current. Open-collector tri-state outputs are available as an option.

Fifteen LEDs provide Built-In-Test Equipment (“BITE”) for the 53A-415. The range and unit LEDs indicate control line status. The TS LED indicates Tri-State control.

Outputs Control Lines:
Capacity. 40 TTL outputs.
Output Driver, 74LS241.
Max Sink Current, 24 mA.
Max Source Current, -15 mA.

Tri-State Control (On-Off):
Programmable, or hardware controllable using external pulse inputs or level input.
External Pulse Inputs, TTL, low true pulse.
Minimum Pulse Width, 50 nsec;
Loading, 2 std. TTL loads.
External Level Inputs, TTL. low true.
Loading, 2 std. TTL loads.

Programmed By:
ASCII Characters.

Recommended Cables:

Available Option:
OPT 10, open collector outputs.